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Friends with Benefit Bonus Month!

Playing with Friends just got better!

During the month of October you should invite your friends to come and play Ragnarok Online, using our Friends with Benefits system! Refer your friend and help them get into the game! During October you will get extra reward for your recruiting efforts and below is what you can win!

  • Receive More Bonus points when your Friends Make a Purchase!
    Using the Friends with Benefits program if you recruit a friend during October and they make a payment, we will give you 30% of the WP Energy value they purchased, 30 days after, instead of the standard 10% FwB bonus.
    E.g. Your referred friend buys 2000 WPE in October and your WarpPortal account will be credited with 600 WPE 30 days later!

You will also receive bonuses as the Referrer based on how many friends you recruit!

  1. Recruit 1 Friend: 30 day Halter Lead
  2. Recruit 3 Friends: Jasper Crest
    A beautiful headgear with a crested gold ornament and a cursed gemstone in the middle.
    Dex +1
    Increases damage to Undead monsters by 5%. If the refine level is lower than +6, has a low chance of casting Blind on it's wearer while physically attacking.
    If refined to +9 or higher, adds Dex +2.
    Class : Headgear
    Defense: 6
    Location: Upper
    Weight : 70
    Required Level : 1
    Jobs: All
  3. Recruit 5 Friends: 500 WP
  4. Recruit 10 Friends: 60 days VIP
  5. And your newly playing friend will also get bonuses too for joining up and playing with us! In Ragnarok Online, your newly recruited friend will be awarded with a special Item Package once they reach level 80.

    Prizes will be distributed on November 1st for all qualifying recruits.