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Try your Luck!

A Spooky machine is hiding in the corner of upstairs Eden Group. Adventurers are reporting that once a day it will give you a useless Cracked Buckler, and then have the audacity to try upgrading it for free for you.

Despite the intense feeling of fear the Adventurers said that when it finally broke the Cracked Buckler due to its upgrading, it rewarded them with special prizes!

Perhaps it is just a lonely spirit that wants to be helpful but is just being awkward.. but either way it is recommended that all adventurers try their luck every day while the Spooky Machine is place. There is no definite time when it will leave, so get all you can from it while you can!

Prizes are updated to:

  • +4 3 Blue Herbs
  • +5 5 Prize Medals
  • +6 1 Each of the +10 Foods
  • +7 1 Eden Merit Badge
  • +8 1 Battle Manual X3
  • +9 or higher 4x Battle manual X3