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Amatsu's Autumn Harvest Event

It’s time for the autumn harvest festival in Amatsu, and the city has lit up with activity as merchants, local government and visiting dignitaries rush to get ready. Join them as they ring in the season with daily activities and save a royal wedding while you’re at it! The event will last between October 12 and November 1.

Being one of the nations untouched by the calamity of Satan Morroc’s return, the people of Amatsu are working with the Eden Group to provide a morale boosting festival open to all the citizens of Rune Midgards. Adventurers level 40 and above may travel there, though the quests and monsters they encounter are at a difficulty level for characters between 80-90+.

There is a main quest in Amatsu and several mini-quests that can be obtained by talking to some of the NPCs in town. The main story quest involves helping the local Lord’s daughter, you will be able to find her at the local Sushi bar.

Fujiko Tomonaga can be found in different areas of Amatsu, but you want to speak with her at the Sushi restaurant indicated above to begin the quest.

At the end of the quest you will receive the Onigiri headgear as a reward.

Item Name Description
Onigiri is a delicacy found only on the island nation of Amatsu. Various flavors accentuate the slightly sweet rice. Increases damage inflicted and decreases damage taken from monsters in the amatsu area by 5%.