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Get Kafra Points and get a prize!
As a special event we would like to give a special prize to any Ragnarok player that "fills up" their RO account with Kafra points today.

You can get a free Groove Pack #1:

A fun pack that offers a little bit of Joy to adventurers that open it! Inside you will always get:

1x Battle Manual X3

And also get one of the below prizes too!

  • 1x Battle Manual X3
  • 3x Kuloren *Shinobi Taming item
  • 2x Job Battle Manual *non Trade
  • 50x Bravery Badges *Go to the Battle Grounds *Untradable
  • 1x Abyssmal Knight Helm [1]
    Wearable by all, but lvl 70 required, no special attributes other than high Defense at this time.

All you need to do is on October 18th, between Noon and 10pm PST to have gotten 5000+ Kafra points total on your Ragnarok Account. After you have qualified you can spent your points freely as logs will show your participation! It doesn't matter how many points you started with, but you must do at least 1 transaction during that time that puts you over that 5000+ mark. If you are over 5000 points already, just transfer 1 more point so we know you are interested in the prize!

Also don't forget that the RWC Groove Pack #2 is ending today, so this just gives you a bit of an extra reward for doing something you likely were going to do anyway! You can pick your prize up after maintenance from Code the Redeemer!