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Ecto Exterminators

Ghosts. They're real. They're mean. They're here. Coming this Maintenance to a screen near you: Ecto Exterminators! You will join these very responsible businessmen as they battle the things that go bump in the night.

Designed by community member Ralis, this quest will have players tracking down fearsome spectral enemies and disposing of them in the most irresponsible means possible.

For prospective spirit hunters level 50 and over, check out the new announcement board in West Prontera for more information.

An excerpt from Tovan's Spirit guide on paranormal headgear:
Item Name Description
The Gozarian Mask is possessed by highly powerful demons. Little remembered accounts of it's ceremonial use say that it is known to give +1 to all stats during the Halloween Event. Slots: Mid+Lower headgear.