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Trade in your Green Ales!
Starting November 8th and going until December 2nd there will be a machine in the Eden Group that will exchange your Green Ales for Yggdrasil Seeds and Yggdrasilberries.

Green Ales are quickly going stale from lack of Leprachaun magic and you can trade them in now to avoid losing out!

Green Ales were changed from 3 -> 25 Weight, and they have a 10 second reuse timer on them. Yggdrasil Seeds and Berries have no reuse time so will be better for normal usage.

The machine will take:
  • 5 Green Ale -> 2 Yggdrasil Seed
  • 5 Green Ale -> 1 Yggdrasilberry
It is a possibility that on December 2nd all remaining Green Ales will be deleted, and not to return until next March when green fills the air.