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Meet Mighty Hammer's cousin "Enriched Hammer"!
Mighty Hammer has made many adventurers' upgrade dreams come true, but he has a weakness, he can't upgrade using the higher "Enriched" upgrade rate. This means he takes more tries when upgrading gears because he uses the normal upgrade rates.

But from November 9 -> 22 His cousin "Enriched Hammer" is in town and sitting a bit away from Mighty Hammer in the Eden Group showing Mighty how it is done! Enriched Hammer CAN use the Enriched rate to upgrade from 7-> 9, and if he fails it will only degrade 1 level. He only uses Enriched Elunium and Oridecon though instead of HD Ore, and he will stop at +9 because both he and Mighty hammer have the same success going from 9 -> 10.

We wish you luck!