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New quests for VIP & Double Drops!
This week week we have a great celebration for Veteran's Day! Please remember to thank or keep in mind any Veterans or current active Military personel in your life, you might be surprised how many of your RO friends are in or served in the Military.
  • From November 9th -> 15 we will have Double drops activated on all servers! Also HE Bubble Gum is available from the Kafra gals too to super charge your item hunting.
  • New quests were added to the Eden Group. Go into the Diner and talk to the Chef, he can give you hunt quests for +20 food ingredients.
    This week he has started offering hunts to VIP adventurer's:
    • 200 Drosera= receive 6 Drocera Tentacle + 1/3 the exp value of 200 Drosera EXP
    • 200 Gazeti= receive 6 Ice Piece + 1/3 the exp value of 200 Gazeti EXP
    You may pick 1 of these quests per day, more will be added as weeks go on to help with the +20 food creation.
  • Gramps has a brand new set of Turnins, and VIP will now get 2 Eden Merit Badge while non-VIP gets 1 Eden Merit Badge per completion.

    This weeks Turnins are:
    • 70-95 Einbroch Mine
      - Teddy Bear
      - Waste Stove
    • 105-120 Juperos Center
      - Green Dimik
      - Blue Dimik
      - Orange Dimik
      - Red Dimik
    • 125 -140 Manuk Field
      - Centipede
      - Bradium Golem

  • Next week Merry Badger in the Eden Group will be changing the values you have to spend of Eden Merit Badges to get items, up to and including some options being removed. Also some of the options to GET Eden Merit Badges may change as well. Please understand that she can change her values every week, so what is good one week may not exist the next, so be sure to grab or cash in what intrigues you as soon as you find it offered!