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Cooking by the book for VIPs!

One of the newer systems added to the game is the ability for Geneticists to craft foods that will boost a stat up to +20 for five minutes. Unfortunately, finding these ingredients can be a lot of trouble for aspiring chefs, as the items drop very rarely.

To make things easier for gourmands everywhere, the chef in the Eden Group HQ cafe offers once-a-day quests that VIPs can complete for EXP and ingredients they can sell trade or gift to the Geneticists in their lives.

Prospective quest-goers must be VIP subscribers and level 50 or above.

The Chef has helpfully provided the following list of ingredients, dishes and exp rewards below:

Drosera Tentacle

Drosera Herb Stew
Drocera Herb Stew gives you Agi +20 for 5 minutes.
EXP: 81000 JEXP: 60720

Ice Fragment

Siroma Ice Tea
Siroma Icetea gives you Dex +20 for 5 minutes.
EXP: 121440 JEXP: 91080

Cold Ice

Warg Blood Cocktail
Warg Blood Cocktail gives you Int +20 for 5 minutes.
EXP: 163440 JEXP: 158640

Petite Tail

Petite Tail Noodles
Petite Tail Noodles gives you Luk +20 for 5 minutes.
EXP: 70200 JEXP: 78960

Savage Meat

Savage BBQ
Savage BBQ gives you Str +20 for 5 minutes.
EXP: 80080 JEXP: 90160

Beef Head

Minor Brisket
Minor Brisket gives you Vit +20 for 5 minutes.
EXP: 76160 JEXP: 84280