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Holiday in Style with Ultimate Game Card!

This month, we are proud to announce a partner promotion with Ultimate Game Card. This month, when you redeem a Ultimate Game Card on Ragnarok Online you will be added to a list to receive a special Holiday item: The Laurel Wreath!

You will receive one wreath per UGC redeemed on RO, so you can receive multiple bonus hats if you use multiple cards!

Click here to go to the UGC Holiday Promo page!

The hat has some nifty effects, especially if you find yourself fighting monsters that can cause status ailments:

Here is the info: A wreath made with bright blue Leaves and Flowers to make you feel Fresh and rejuvenated.

  • 5% Resistance to Darkness (blind) and Stun
  • If +9 with each monster slain gain 40 HP and 3 SP
  • If +11 with each monster slain gain 60 HP and 5 SP.
  • Normal HP/SP regen is at 50% normal.
  • Luck +3
  • Def : 2
  • All Jobs can Wear it at level 10.
  • Tradable and Vendable

    To redeem your UGC card, just get the code from the back of the card and:

    1. Login to WarpPortal
    2. Power-UP
    3. Select "Redeem Game Cards" tab at the top
    4. Enter the Pin Code on the back of the Ultimate Game Card Link
    5. Every Thursday we will insert the items from the Prior Thursday - Wednesday period