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Kick off to Holiday weekend event!

We have a little event to help keep you warm this weekend in Ragnarok Online. Starting Thursday night we made a small update event that will last until Tuesday's Long Maintenance.

  • All Battle Manuals and Bubble Gums will do 150% their normal enhancement rate through Tuesday the 13th!
  • The Battle Manual and Bubble Gum Exchanger on the 2nd floor of the Eden Group will now exchange your "older" BM and BG for the newer ones and allow you to upgrade them to the higher value versions
  • And finally on Tuesday we will review all item sales from Thursday the 8th through Monday the 12th and for every 1000 Kafra points used we will gift you 1 Battle Manual X3 to Code the Redeemer on Tuesday.

We are currently testing the Skill update patch on Sakray, and if all goes according to plan we will be making that update to the Live servers on Tuesday December 13th, in which case we will have a very long maintenance (8+ hours) that will likely start ~ 4pm PST.

We hope your holidays are going well, and those of you in School are doing well on your finals this week, we look forward to spending the Holidays with you in Ragnarok!