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Beat the cold with RO during the holidays!

Just because we are in the midst of the holiday season doesn't mean that we are sitting on our laurels! Ragnarok Online is going to have a plethora of events and bonuses running this week.

Game Updates!

Our facebook page here now has in excess of 60,000 likes! To celebrate will be having a one week double exp event!

The 14.1 Bitfrost update part 1 comes to the main servers today, introducing a new town, quests and equipment! More information on the 14.1 update can be found by clicking the link below:

In-Game Events!

The enriched hammer is back by popular demand! He is able to upgrade items using the enhanced enriched rates, so it's a better time than ever to upgrade your gear! Click here for details!

Play your woes away with our new Event WoEs! We have some fun variations on RO's weekly War of Emperium. Second class only, novice only, class unrestricted, no god items and other odd variants have been scheduled. Find out more about the upcoming WoEs by clicking the link below

  • Giving a reset stone to Gramps will give a 3 hour cooldown instead of the 23 hour one.

  • Early Wrapped Christmas Gift and Christmas Holiday Pack. These are being sold now and are tradeable and vendable! These boxes have some great items like mystical card albums, prize albums and cute headgears!

    We have a new costume gear added as well, and the first one that has an effect! Available until January 10th 2012, the Blue Christmas Cheer costume has a chance to drop a Xmas gift when killing monsters during the Dec 20-Jan 17 holiday season! More details here:

    Kafra Madness

  • The Kafra ladies have gone all out this week, with a big transfer bonus for converting WPE into Kafra Points! 2500-4999 point transfers have been increased from 15%->20% and transfers 5000+ have been increased from 20%-30%

  • As a regular event on top of the transfer bonuses above, the first transfer of the month you make will give you a 5% bonus!

  • When purchasing 3 or 6 months of VIP subscription time, you will receive 33% more time!

  • In addition, from December 20th until December 27th, 50% the points you spend will be given back as bonus points and the end of January as a small "thank you!" for all of your support during the year!

    Did you miss the above promotion? From December 28th until December 31st, you can still receive 25% of the KP spent back at the end of January.

    We greatly appreciate your support and wish you all a very happy end of the year and a fantastic 2012!