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January Event Celebration!
We are into January and we have great news to celebrate!

We have placed 1st in the P2P division in the MMOSITE 2011 Player's Choice awards!

In celebration we are hosting Double EXP until January 24th!

We also have "Dally Quen" in the Eden Group Kitchen who offers Daily items just for talking to him. The more days you get prizes the better the prizes get! You can get free Blue and White Pots, Yggdrasil Seeds, Reset Stones, Hugel Medals, Old Card Albums, Bloody Branches and other items too!

Of course we have other fun stuff going on this week too, such as Gramps offering Dragon Themed Turn-ins which Gramps will warp you to a mirrored map so you have the best play experience and grouping of adventurers on the same quest!

  • 90-110 Rachel Field
    -Ground Deleter
    -Sky Deleter
  • 115-130 Abyss Lake
  • 135-150 Bifrost monsters
    -Angra Mantis
    -Pom Spider

Also the HE Bubblegum Box and HE Battle Manual Boxes will be available until January 23rd.

Later this week we will have a short restart to add more to our celebration!