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2022 Spring Flower Event

Spring Flower Event

Spring Flower Event

Spring is in the air! Celebrate the season with some floral festivities found throughout Prontera!

Flower Branches for Cakes

Arles Orleans

Seek out Arles Orleans in Prontera (167, 291). He'll tell you all about his Spring activities in Prontera, and invite you to help participate as well!

He reveals that he wrote a book called Cherry Blossoms Springs. However, readers had a hard time finding the materials mentioned in the book, so he's holding a spring autograph session. He wants to server Cherry Blossom Rice Cakes to the publishing house employees who are coming. Since he can't leave his post, he recruits you to help gather 15 Spray of Flowers.

Flower Tree Aura

They can be distinguished from other trees by their grey sparkle aura, and when you hover over the tree, it tells you if it's the proper one. Tap it a few times to shake the Spray of Flowers loose and collect them.

Flower Tree Aura Branches

Return to Arles Orleans and hand him the ingredients. He says that after the end of the book signing, he discovered 5 books and asks you to return them to the owners. Every time you return a book, Arles will give you a Cherry Blossom Rice Cake. He will also reward you with a few cakes for delivering the flowers to him.

Cherry Blossom Rice Cake
Cherry Blossom Rice Cake
Cherry Blossom Rice Cake

A snack made of cherry blossom leaves perfect for spring picnics.

Weight: 3

During the event period
Recovers 30% of HP/SP
Damage from all sized enemy -5% for 5 mins.

When the event is over
Recovers 5% of HP/SP


The students won't be marked on the mini-map. You will have to identify them by name (which is listed in the quest log) and the fact that they're wearing the King Berry hat.

After returning the 5th book, Arles will reward you with additional Cherry Blossom Rice Cakes. He also says that from now on, he will exchange Cherry Blossom Rice Cakes for every two Spray of Flowers.

Once you're finished speaking to Arles, speak to Cloudy next to him. As a reward for helping out, Cloudy will give you King Berry.

King Berry
King Berry
King Berry

Feels like it's going to melt in my mouth.

Type: Costume
Defense: 0
Location: Upper
Weight: 0
Required level: 1
Class: All

During the event period, add a chance to CRI + 20 for 5 seconds when physical attacking.
During the event period, add a chance to reduce a variable casting time by 20% for 5 seconds when magical attacking.
These options will be removed when the event ends.

Next to Arles and Cloudy, you can also find Raney. You can donate any extra Spray of Flowers to Raney. During certain times of the day, Raney will sell large quantities of Cherry Blossom Rice Cakes for Zeny based on how many flowers were donated.

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Huge and Voluminous Sprays of Flowers


Next to Arles Orleans, you'll find a cat named Beryl who will create for you a Huge Spray of Flowers or Voluminous Spray of Flowers in exchange for a few ingredients and/or Zeny.

Item Description
Huge Spray of Flowers
Huge Spray of Flowers

Made bigger and be more splendid with many spray of flowers put together. Doubled Scent! Doubled Elegance!

Weight: 10

Increases Flee of the party members by 10 for 5 minutes. If not in a party, it will have no effect.
Volumninous Spray of Flowers
Voluminous Spray of Flowers

Several spray of flowers were added with great care by the craftsman.

Weight: 10

Increases Flee +10, Perfect dodge +1 for 60 mins.

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