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Getting more for your VIP in February!

During the month of February, we're giving a boost to VIP bonuses!

VIP subscriptions are a convenient way to get access to a number of unique services and get a +50% boost to your base and job exp.

During the month of February, to encourage more people to try VIP out we're increasing this boost to a full 100% bonus. This bonus will apply to exp from monsters and quest rewards.

Here are the benefits we have available for VIP subscribers: Most of these can be picked up from NPCs found in the Eden Group
  • Primo d' Buffer will give a +7 buff to all of your stats for 30 minutes
  • Aperture offers to warp VIPs to a variety of useful destinations
  • VIPs can pick up both turn ins at once from gramps, he will also warp them to the turn in maps.
  • Storage expanded to 600
  • Old timer in the Eden cafe offers warps to old payon and morroc
  • The Eden group chef offers quest to obtain ingredients for +20 stat foods
Also we have a super special "Getting Lucky Box" too!