Ragnarok Online - Events - Valentine's Day Quest, Part II
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Valentine's Day Quest, Part II

Standing at the southernmost dock in Alberta, Custard Cream looks off over the ocean, with a strange expression on his face. Locals say that he's the victim of a broken heart, others say he's just crazy.

Whatever the reason, there are two forces battling it out to decide his fate! Right now, two different groups of people are massing on the North and South ends of Alberta. These groups claim to represent couples and single people and are led by angelic and daemonic forces, respectively.

Adventurers over level 50 should seek out this youngling and help him out before it's too late!

Once you have choosen a side, Devil or Angel you will be asked to bring some basic supplies to assemble a faction headgear. You will need this headgear to continue with the quest.

Each side will can pick up a mission every 2 hours. When the quest is completed, the [Mission achievement] ticker will go up. Once you've joined a side and created your faction headgear, you can speak with your faction NPC to check the mission completion status, get access to services and turn in items to charge up a weapon.

Once fully charged with love lumps or hate crates, this weapon will temporarily obliterate the opposing faction's NPC and deny them access to restoration/buff services and turn in rewards.

Once a faction has won a week, they will get access to a special item vendor NPC and be able to upgrade their headgear.