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Homunculus Renewal NPC Event

With the Maintenance on 2/14 we are adding an NPC to Lighthalzen outside the Geneticist job change area. This will help alchemist class characters that have pre-renewal homunculii. These pre-renewal homunculi have significantly lower stat values than ones created more recently.

She asks those with a homunculus if they want to reset, if they agree and type in the code it sets

Player is then asked to delete their Homunculus and talk to NPC again. NPC tells them to get a Homunculus they like and level it, on 21st we will set all Homun owned by characters with the proper variable or higher to just a little south of loyal.

From the 21st - 28th, if you were on 1st weeks list you can talk to NPC and get your homunculus "evolved" for free. If you get on 2nd weeks list you can evolve it during the 3rd week.

The NPC leaves altogether on March 6th. The NPC will evolve them regardless of Homun level, you should only do this if you feel your homunculus stat growth isn't up to snuff. You will need to pay for the embryos to get the new Homunculus, you also will need relevel it at some point. But the loyalty we will take care of for you.