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Spotlight on: Brasilis!

Victoria Qwest's Report:

As described by the first explorers to the island, Brasilis is a wonderful sight to behold. A modern town nestled between jungle foliage, Brasilis has many places for the inquisitive traveler to visit. Notable among these is an expansive mansion to the south of the town, the art museum in the northwest of the town and gigantic waterfalls to the north. Intrepid explorers have even found a way into Brasilis' dangerous underground sewers!

Travel to Brasilis is availible via the NorthEastern docks in Alberta for 1000 zeny. Once you arrive in Brasilis, you can find me (Victoria) hanging out near the docks to welcome you to the town. The monsters and quests in the town are geared towards midlevel explorers, 70-90.

About the Spotlight program: One of our big projects for 2012 will be to breathe new life into these towns by hosting a series of events that will spotlight these less visited maps. These events will boost monster and quest exp for during the event, and will reduce these slightly after the event is over (it will still be improved over normal rates).

Brasilis Tourist Maps

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Brasilis Town and Brasilis Field



Brasilis dungeon

Level 1

Level 2

Brasilis's Quests

There are several quests that you can pick up in Brasilis, one which gives access to Brasilis Dungeon, and the new Murder mystery quest.

Brasilis Dungeon entrance questt
You can get access to Brasilis' water themed underground dungeon, you must ask the children near the statue in the center of town about a bathroom rumor they've heard.
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROWiki Guide

Botanist Karmen
Water Lilly quest
This quest requires you to have completed the above dungeon entrance quest.
At the end of the quest, you will receive some exp, and a Water Lily Hat
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROwiki Guide

Candy Maker
Guarana Questt
Start the quest by speaking to the candy maker south of the central town statue. After you complete it, you receive exp
and are able to buy Guarana candy from them in the future.
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROwiki Guide

Lost Puppies Quest
Talk to Angelo in the Northeast of Brasilis to start
You receive some exp for completing this quest.
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROwiki Guide

Strange Hydra Quest
Speak to Lucia in the are just to the North of the beach.
You receive Light Blue Pots and a stat buff for 20 minutes for helping.
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROwiki Guide

The Song of Iara
Talk to the hovering shaman to the Northeast of town, near to the peoplemover to Brasilis Field.
You can receive a 60 minute buff to crit for helping.
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROwiki Guide

Monster and quest exp will be boosted during this showcase event, so keep an eye on this page for updates!

Unique Brasilis Monsters!

Rock Brannigan's Monster Killguide: Hey there fellow monster hunters! As much as you guys probably wanna listen to Victoria's cultural lecture, here's the info about what you really want to see: the critters found on this here island.

Photograph Description

Headless Mule
Level 80
HP: 6620
Strong against: Fire /Weak Against: Water
Type: Melee Attacker (passive)
Maps: Found on Brasilis Dungeon 1 and 2

Level 68
HP: 3096
Strong against: Earth /Weak Against: Fire
Maps: Found on Brasilis Field

Level 75
HP: 4522
Strong against: Water/Weak against: Wind
Maps: Found on Brasilis Dungeon 1 and 2

Level 70
HP: 3640
Strong against: Wind /Weak Against: Earth
Maps: Found on Brasilis Field

Level 71
HP: 3914
Strong against: Earth/ Weak against: Fire
Special: cloaks
Maps: Found in Brasilis Field

The Iara
Level 79
HP: 5890
Strong against: Water/ Weak Against: Neutral
Maps: Found in Brasilis Dungeon 1/2