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Spotlight on: Kunlun!

Victoria Qwest's Report:

From the original tourism brochure: Kunlun is famous as a tourist attraction for its beautiful scenery. In Kunlun, people believe in a unique religion, and the existence of a hermit who has absolute power over the limitations of human existence. The people believe that anyone can become a hermit, an absolute being. Thus they strive to improve their souls to that end.

About the Spotlight program: One of our big projects for 2012 will be to breathe new life into these towns by hosting a series of events that will spotlight these less visited maps. These events will boost quest exp for during the event, and will reduce these slightly after the event is over (it will still be improved over normal rates). The monsters in town get boosted card drops and increased drop rates of certain useful items. When you complete all the quests you can talk to me (Victoria Qwest) in the spotlight town, for an exp reward!

Kunlun Tourist Maps

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Kunlun town, Kunlun field and Little Prontera

Kunlun Town

Kunlun Field

Little Prontera
Kunlun Dungeon 1-3

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Kunlun's Quests

Quests are available in Kunlun for visitors seeking work as an adventurer.

Han Ran Jiao
Dropped Knife Quest
This very very short quest is a pre-requisite for the Chief's quest below.
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROWiki Guide

Kunlun's Chief
Chief's Quest
Help the town's leader to recover a rebuild a legendary sword.
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROwiki Guide

Kunlun Area Monsters

Rock Brannigan's Monster Killguide: Hey there fellow monster hunters! As much as you guys probably wanna listen to Victoria's cultural lecture, here's the info about what you really want to see: the guts of these local monsters! During the spotlight event, the monsters are fed special food, and seem to cough up more equipment when they bite the big one!

Photograph Description

Dumpling Child
Level: 60
HP: 2098
Strong against/Weak Against: Ghost/None
Maps: Kunlun Field

Baby Leopard
Level: 68
HP: 2590
Strong against/Weak Against: Neutral/Ghost
Maps: Kunlun Field

Zipper Bear
Level: 90
HP: 6620
Strong against/Weak Against: Shadow/Holy
Maps: Kunlun Dungeon 1

Enchanted Peach Tree
Level: 92
HP: 8777
Strong against/Weak Against: Earth/Fire
Maps: Kunlun Dungeon 1, 2

Bloody Butterfly
Level: 94
HP: 7030
Strong against/Weak Against: Wind/Earth
Maps: Kunlun Dungeon 1, 2

Taoist Hermit
Level: 96
HP: 8266
Strong against/Weak Against: Ghost/None
Maps: Kunlun Dungeon 2, 3

Evil Nymph
Level: 97
HP: 8491
Strong against/Weak Against: Shadow/Holy
Maps: Kunlun Dungeon 3

Hermit Plant
Level: 90
HP: 6052
Strong against/Weak Against: Fire/Poison
Maps: Kunlun Dungeon 3

Evil Snake Lord
Level: 105
HP: 1101000
Strong against/Weak Against: Neutral/Holy
Maps: Kunlun Dungeon 3