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Kafra Shop Update: Costumes, Startbox and May Groove Pack!

Three new items have been introduced by the helpful staff of the Kafra shop: The May Groove Pack, Alora's Costume Hat Box and the Start Your Journey Pack!

May Groove Pack!

Celebrate the month of May with our May you Groove On Pack.

Each box comes with a Safe to 7 Chance Box, containing one of the three certificates.

Each box will randomly give one of the following:
  • Battle Manual X3
  • Very Soft Plant (Leaf cat taming item)
  • Note Headset
  • Bloody Dead Branch
  • Gemini Crown
  • Gemini Diadem
  • Observer

Alora's Costume Hat Box!

Available for a limited time, this hat box contains one of four new costumes based on popular hats.Take these to Alora in the Eden Group and she will allow you to choose which one you want!

Additionally, if you upgrade a normal (slotted or unslotted) version of the headgears listed below to +8 or higher Alora will take it and give you the costume version.

  • Costume: Spiky Band
  • Costume: Jack be Dandy
  • Costume: Angel Wing
  • Costume: Goggles

The box can be traded and vended, but the costume headgears are account bound.

In addition, until July 3rd these costume headgears will give an additional 15% exp on monster kills, the effect will stack with existing exp boosting items.

Start your Journey Pack

The Start your Journey Pack contains several items that will allow you to move around Rune Midgard so you can complete your job change quest quickly, get more exp for 30 minutes, and keep yourself healed during your early adventures.

Also 20 Red Envelopes are given to help you get that last little bit of experience needed to get you to that next level.

20 Red Envelopes
200 Novice Red Potions
1 Battle Manual
3 Rune Midgard Butterfly Wings
Can only be stored

Weight: 1