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Celebrate Memorial Weekend with Ragnarok!

To celebrate the holiday weekend here in the States, we are starting the festivities early!

Double Drops and Double EXP will be in until the next maintenance, Enriched Hammer and Eat Gear will also be on during that time.

The 50x food boxes, 10x Enriched boxes and the Early Summer hat pack will be available as well!

Our promotion item for the weekend is the cute Chibi Pope! Wishing to escape her duties in Rachel, she's taking sightseeing vacation with the assistance of helpful adventurers! This hat will be distributed to those that spend over 4,000 Kafra points between now and June 1st.

  • +7 MDEF, Increases healing effectiveness by 5%.
  • Increases healing effectiveness when upgraded above +6
  • If upgraded to +9 or higher, increases MATK by 7%.
  • If upgraded to +12 or higher, increases MATK by an additional 5%.
  • If worn with Blush, increases healing effectiveness by an additional 10%
  • This Item is account bound
  • Slot: Upper
  • Def:0
  • Weight: 30
  • All jobs
  • Slot:1

In addition, we're going to have a boost to the number of KP you receive when you convert WarpPortal energy:

  • 1,000 ~ 2,499 WP .........10% Item Mall Points
  • 2,500 ~ 3,999 WP .........15% Item Mall Points
  • 4,000 ~ (or more) WP ...35% Item Mall Points

This bonus lasts from May 25 11am Pacific time to June 1 11am.

Thank you for hanging out on Ragnarok Online this weekend, we'll save you some corn on the cob and ribs!