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Celebrate iRO's Anniversary at the Grand Midgard Exposition

Celebrating the recent discovery of the New World, the people of Rune Midgard have come together with a Grand Exposition taking place outside of Lighthalzen. The Theme for the Exposition is "Progress and Harmony for Midgard"!

The brainchild of mogul Mort Whimsey and the Eden Group, the Midgard Expo is opening it's doors! Designed as a exact replica of Old Morroc, representatives around Midgard have arrived to trade information and set up exhibits of Technology, Culture and Treasure!

And yet, in the midst of the festivities, there are growing rumors of problems taking place at the fairgrounds. Exhibits that are running behind, malfunctioning exhibits and crime have cast a pall over the Expo. The Eden group and the exhibitors will likely be needing help in cleaning things up.

A word from Uncle Mort:

Well howdy there! Y'all might have heard of Ol' Uncle Mort through my successful run of kids cartoon books or from my charitable works in the Schwartzwald Republic. I used to have my animation studio in Old Morroc back in the day, and was beside myself when it was destroyed. I've put my considerable personal fortune into rebuilding the city and want to make sure that it's the Beelzebub's knees for all of you visitors. Administrator Volmar assures me that we're all on schedule to launch the expo, so I hope to see ya there!

Adventurers level 70 and up can speak to the Eden Expo Promoter in the Eden Group HQ.

  • -Story based main quest
  • -Class based mini quests
  • -New costume headgears
  • -Repeatable MVP dungeon for 99+ characters
  • Stronger variants of Morroc monsters

Headgear reward: The Costume: Adventurer's hat is a treasured relic of Mort Whimsey's adventuring past.