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Classic: Opening Events!
It is wonderful to see so many old and new faces joining us on the Classic Server for its Launch Weekend! Certainly we have exciting times ahead as the Classic server cuts its own future path with our players help.

We have a few events and opportunities that we want our citizens to know about so they can take advantage of it to create their best Future possible.

  • VIP and Job changes: The Classic server doesn't have an in-game VIP system right now, if it did you'd be able to job change without the "Magical Stone". We don't want our VIP players to be too concerned about the Magical Stone Purchases, so if your account purchases, and uses a Magic Stone to job change, we will refund the 100 Kafra Points to that account as Kafra points. The first time we will do this giving back will be July 12 (Thursday). So be sure to have VIP and use your own Magic Stone to be eligible.
  • No server launch would be complete without a leveling challenge! We are having a race to 99/50 2nd class. Every character that reaches 99/50 will be 1 entry into a drawing. 10 winners will be chosen to get $100 from the pool of eligible characters. This contest goes until July 31st.
  • As an added benefit, any character that gets to 99/70 as their Transcendent class (once implemented) we will copy that character over with stats/skills reset, and with appropriate Eden gear to Ymir. So you can play on both servers if you wish!
We are going to be updating frequently, both to add more content, fix any bugs and in general to improve your playtime fun! For details on what changes are coming.