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Chance to Win Cash and show off your skills!
We have multiple events where we want to give away Cash prizes to our talented players! We want this summer to be our biggest one yet, and here is a little extra spice to help it along!

The first event is our Ragnarok Film Festival event. We are extending the deadline to July 31st, we are giving away alot of prizes for a lot of categories, so just make something to be proud of so we can share it with the world!

Ragnarok Film Festival

We all have friends, and what better way to show your friends a good time than to become Friends with Benefits? Until July 31st any friend you recruit through this program will not only earn you more bonus WP points based on how much your friend spends, but you earn extra prizes based on the number of friends you recruit! Even after July 31st you still earn bonuses by recruiting friends, but this month you get even MORE!

So be sure to get your recruiting code and spread it around your friends and the internet!
A great game with your friends, and you get free stuff too!

And finally with the Launch of our Classic server a new opportunity to show what kind of Ragnarok leveling beast you are! Every character that reaches 99/50 on the Classic server is one entry into our contest. At the end of the event 10 winners will be pulled and each will get $100 for their efforts! Thats it, no fancy entry procedure, just level up!