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Spotlight on Niflheim!
The first quest in the three-part arc "Tome of the Dark Lord" is this week's Spotlight quest!

Help Kazien and Lyozien find the missing spirits from Glast Heim! Adventurers over level 60 can talk to Kazien in the Nifflheim Inn to begin the quest.

A word of caution: This quest deals with some high-level monster hunting and item collecting, so plan accordingly!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some parts of the quest seem to not be completely finished and may be updated next maintenance, keep in mind that these parts will make the quest more difficult. The prize may also change accordingly, but I cannot say for certain. It is your choice whether you help Kazien and his brother now or later!

Good luck!

Current Quest Reward:
2,500,000 Base EXP (3,750,000 if VIP)
2,500,000 Job EXP (3,750,000 if VIP)
Both of these are broken into 5 chunks.

If you've completed the Sign, have the Sign (equipment) and completed all the Niflheim spotlight quests, Engel the Blacksmith in the Mjolnir Coal mines will allow you to put a select card in your "The Sign" Card options, which you need to bring with the Sign are:
  1. Creamy Card
  2. Horong Card
  3. Joker Card
  4. Kobold Card
  5. Kukre Card
  6. Mantis Card
  7. Muka Card
  8. Obeaune Card
  9. Phen Card
  10. Poison Spore Card
  11. Poporing Card
  12. Smokie Card
  13. Spore Card
  14. Tarou Card
  15. Vitata Card
  16. Wormtail Card
  17. Yoyo Card
  18. Zerom Card
This will be offered even after the spotlight ends, provided you completed all the Spotlight quests.

In Eden Group Kitchen a friendly Bathory can send you to Niflheim!