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The Rune Midgard Summer Sports Festa Launches!

Geffen, Rune Midgards-Let the games begin! The multi-part summer sports festival in Geffen kicks off this August, citizens from around Rune Midgard can join a national team and prove their mettle in a series of sporting events.

Part 1: We Like Sportz

Terra Track and Franklin Field in western Geffen are the representatives of the Summer Sports Festa, last in a long line of sporting events dating back to ancient times. They are looking for some help in recruiting more countries into sending teams to compete at the games.

The summer festa has been expanded with multiple games where you can earn Medals. These medals can be traded in for Champion's Wreath's.

Just to the North of Track and Field is the helpful representative from Laurel&Hatty Co. He's been contracted by the Summer Festa staff to provide upgrade services. When wearing a Wreath, you trade him your excess wreaths to make an improvement attempt.

When Upgraded to +8, he can take a Champion's Wreath and turn it into a unique costume gear, the Promethean Crown! You don't need to steal fire from the Gods to bring the flame wherever you go. It will retain the +8 effects of the Wreath, so you can enjoy a +10% exp increase while wearing it.