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August Lucky Box!

The August-est lucky box we've ever offered! Available until August 28th. Randomly gives one of the following items:

Heroic Desocketing Book

Bring this book and 1 Slotting Advertisement to Troy at the second floor of Eden Group Headquarters and he will remove all cards from 1 item in your equipped inventory.

All cards will be returned but the item that they are slotted in will be destroyed forever.
Book is required for every card being removed.

Party Hard Pack
This pack is filled with goodies to last for 2.5 hours of high efficiency leveling.
Can be traded, stored, and vended
  • 10 High Efficiency Battle Manuals
  • 10 High Efficiency Bubble Gum
  • 50 Blessing Scrolls
  • 50 Increase Agi Scrolls
  • 50 Assumptio Scrolls
  • 10 Token Of Siegfried
  • 5 Life Insurance
  • 200 Giant Fly Wing
Weight : 1
Prize Medal

A medal crafted from a rare and mysterious metal that can only be found in Hugel.

These metals cannot be traded or given to other players.

This item cannot be dropped, traded, mailed or vended.
Weight : 1
Mystical Card Album

Powerful spirits are sealed within this album. What will happen if the seal is undone?

Weight: 5

Fallen Angel Wing
Large, black wings of a fallen dark angel.
LUK + 2.
Increases tolerance to Demihuman attacks by 10%.
Increases resistance to the Shadow Property by 30%.
Increases resistance to the Holy Property by 30%.
Class : Garment
Defense : 18
Weight : 20
Required Level: 1
Jobs : All Jobs

White wings of a holy Archangel.
Slot : 1
Class : Garment
Defense : 8
Weight : 20
Required Level :
Jobs : All
Bloody Dead Branch

An ancient, gnarled branch with a contract written in blood upon the bark that can summon stronger creatures than regular Dead Branches.

Tongue Charm
A charm, once it was used to scare and expel demons. Reduce 3% of damage from Demon type monster
Class : Headgear
Defense : 0
Location : Upper
Weight : 10
Location : All

Antler Fedora
Gentleman's hat decorated by an antler. Used in parties and festivals.
INT + 3.
Class : Headgear
Defense : 3
Location : Upper
Weight : 40
Required Level : None
Jobs : All class except novice

Pegasus Wing Ears
An accessory made with Valkyrie's wing feathers. Makes your body a little bit lighter.
ASPD + 1%.
+ 2% ASPD for Base Lv 100 characters.
+ 3% ASPD for Base Lv 150 characters.
Class : Headgear
Defense : 1
Location: Mid
Weight : 50
Required Level : 80
Jobs : All
Injured Eyepatch A patch that protects a single eye socket. Class : Headgear
Location: Middle
Defense: 2
Weight : 20
Required Level : 20
Jobs: All Except Novice
Battle Manual X3 This well written, detailed manual explains Extremely Efficient battle methods.
EXP rate increases to 300% for 30 minutes.
Can be traded, stored, and vended
Weight : 1

Cow Hat

A hat which is modeled on a cow. There is rumor that If you put this on while you are sleeping, you could meet a benevolant godly cow when defeat monsters, will have a chance to get a 'Milk'

DEX + 2
Class : Headgear
Defense : 4
Location : Upper
Weight : 30
Location : All
Party Buff Scroll Pack Contains the following:
8 Party Assumptio 5 Scroll
5 Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll
5 Party Blessing 10 Scroll
This box can be traded, stored, and vended only.
Weight : 1
Safe to All Pack Contains 1 of Each Headgear, Armor and Weapon Safe to 7 Certificates.
Account Bound Weight : 1
20 Basic Food Pack Contains 5 Each of all the +20 Stat foods. Box is not tradable, but the food is.
Weight : 1