Ragnarok Online - Events - Classic and Renewal maintenance 8/21
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Classic and Renewal maintenance 8/21
Heim's Classic New things
Sealed Box event introduced, runs until October 2nd. With this, players who have used a magic stone will be able to get an accessory that will cause monsters to periodically drop a sealed box when killed. More details here!

Renewal events introducing

From the introduction of the August Lucky Box to Aug 28th, users who purchase or have purchased 15 lucky boxes Gramps Turn Ins
  • 70-95 Teddy Bear, Waste Stove
  • 105-120 Hellhound, Wanderer
  • 125-140 Centipede, Bradium Golem

Several unknown items from the WoE update vendor (unripe ygg berry, Royal Jelly box, and Blue Herb box) will now be displaying properly.

Fixed unknown items from the WoE update vendor (Unripe Yggberry, Royal Jelly Box, Blue Herb box)

The client should no longer be crashing to desktop when trying to use skills/items that would give a failure message Vellum Glaive and Claymore - Fixed description to state that will cast "Magic Mirror" when being attacked by magic (next magic attack will be reflected)

Mace of Judgement - description fixed to weapon level 3

Major events continuing:
VIP+Points promotion continues link for more information Summer sports festa continues

Events departing The exp bonus effects on the Alora costume gears will be leaving today (they were in for a super long time!)