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[R&C] Labor Day Weekend Events and Promotions!

We have a number of events, sales and promotions going on right now for the game, several of which are ending this coming Tuesday! Whether you play on Renewal or on the Classic: Loki server, you can enjoy the benefits!

[R] denotes Renewal (Ymir, Yggdrassil, Valkyrie) and [c] Classic: Loki

Weekend promotions!

There's a point promotion that will be coming to a close after the weekend is over. Until 6pm PST Tuesday, September 4th, you get a bonus 10% KP when you convert WPE, which also stacks with the once per month 5% bonus all users receive for their first transfer of the month.

VIP+KP point plan gives you bonus Kafra Points!

We have a new plan available when purchasing VIP plans, 30 day VIP+1500 points. It's like buying 30 days of VIP and 800 KP and getting 700 points as a nice bonus!

Quests and Events!
Summer Sports Festa ends this coming Tuesday.

This quest has multiple mini-games which you can complete daily quests to receive medals. These medals can be traded in for the event Wreath headgear. Check out the link for more information on where you can begin this quest...before it's gone!

[R]Einbroch Spotlight buffs local monster exp and drops!

Our spotlight events are temporary events that enhance existing but lesser visited areas of RO by boosting the exp and certain valuable drops of items from monsters from the connected field and dungeon maps.

[R]Beat the Bullies with the iRO Back To School Quest

Camille is a bright young student studying in Lighthalzen, found just to the West of the Lighthalzen Airport. She's excited about the next term of school, but worried about her little brother, Manuel. During the course of the quest, persistent players will find out what is making Manuel miserable and help break up criminal activity in Hugel.

Quest reward: 50 Hugel Medals, quest can be repeated after three hours by turning in an Eden Merit badge or 500 festa gold medals.