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[C]Test WoE Saturday, September 15th

Through the beginnings of the Classic: Loki server, we have heard a lot of people asking us when WoE will be implemented. We are still working to fix issues with stability and wanted to find alternate ways to get people ready for WoE without putting regular WoE in before things were ready.

So we're moving on that for next week: We are planning a limited WoE to test the load on the servers and start to get people prepared for actual WoE. To this end we will be providing special consumables that can only be used on the WoE maps that will be removed when actual WoEs begin.

The Load Test WoEs will be starting off with one castle, Prontera 3 and we will be giving rewards to the guild who is in control of the castle when the session of WoE ends.

We know that players have been looking forward to WoE, but equally concerned about implementing it before server stability is achieved, so this is our way of giving the community a little PVP red meat to chew on while giving the RO team some load testing and feedback opportunities. Things may be unstable during the testing, but we are moving kafra save points and providing the consumables to mitigate that where possible.

We concluded the poll and will be holding the event from 1-3pm Pacific time.

Valkyrie Realm, castle 3 (the one in the center) is the testbed that will be opened up this weekend. The NPCs there will give players 40 white pots and 20 blue pots with 0 weight and they can speak to the NPC again to heal and restock them.

As an incentive to participate, we will be giving 5 old purple boxes to the guild who is holding the castle at the end of the test WoE.