Ragnarok Online - Events - [R]Fall into the Groove Pack drops today!
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[R]Fall into the Groove Pack drops today!

It's the time for leaves to be turning color and for the weather to start cooling off, but you don't have to put on a warm sweater to enjoy this new Groove Pack! The Groove Pack leaves on October 9th!

Fall into The Groove Pack contains the following Always includes a Bloody Dead Branch Randomly gives one of the following:

Autumn Leaves [1]

A headgear made out of leaves that fell from a enchanted tree. Perfect Dodge +5 This item is tradeable and vendable. Class : Headgear Defense : 1 Location : Top Weight : 10 Required Level : 1 Job : All

Knife Goblin Ring

A shiny shiny ring for making a taming attempt on a Knife Goblin

Battle Manual X3

This well written, detailed manual explains Extremely Efficiency battle methods. Increases the amount of experience the user receives from monsters and quests by 300% for 30 minutes.

Safe to 7 pack

Includes one of each +7 certificate: Headgear, Armor and Weapon.

Mystical Amplification scroll x 15

A scroll that will cast Magic Amplification Lvl 10 for you. Good for making the next magic attack do +50% Magic attack power. It can be traded or put in storage. It cannot be dropped.