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[R&C] Ymir goes fully Free to Play and more promotions!

Our Ymir server previously required VIP to be able to create new characters, but no more! From last week on, Subscribers and non-subscribers are free to create characters on Ymir, which is also having a 1.5x drops and experience event!

Enriched hammer is enabled on all renewal servers until the next maintenance.

This week, we have a multitude of useful items and fun promotions going on in the world of Rune Midgard.

On renewal, we have a New Groove Pack available for 150 kafra points that always contains a Bloody Branch and the chance of picking up some useful items, including the headgear below: more info

Autumn Leaves [1]

A headgear made out of leaves that fell from a enchanted tree. Perfect Dodge +5 This item is tradeable and vendable. Class : Headgear Defense : 1 Location : Top Weight : 10 Required Level : 1 Job : All

On both Classic and Renewal, we have the repeatable Talk like a Pirate Day quest, which gives experience and the New Air Pirate Bandana as a reward!

Players must be at level 50 or above to participate, you can find more details here: link

We also have a promotion running across RO for users who spend 2500 kafra points will receive a Lil' Angel Doll which can autocast Grand Cross when taking damage. These will be distributed towards the tail end of the week, if you would like to get this cool animated headgear you can find more information here: link

Lil' Angel Doll

This extra-cute doll is sewn by the loyal Priests of Prontera Church, benefitting Acolyte training programs across Rune-Midgarts. Has a chance of auto casting Level 3 Grand Cross on the user when receiving physical damage.


Depending on the upgrade level, will give bonuses to chance to autocast and level of Grand Cross triggered

  • Account bound, can be put in storage. Comes in a tradeable box.
  • Class: Headgear
  • Location: Upper
  • Defense: 2
  • Weight: 30
  • Required level: 10
  • Jobs: All

Also available across the servers is our VIP plus points promotion! This plan can be purchased once per account per month, giving 30 days of VIP and 1500 kafra points for only 1500 WarpPortal Energy. More info