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[R&C] Pointsplosion conversion megabonus and Enriched Elu Event!

We are blowing out the digital doors of the WarpPortal Energy-->Kafra point conversion warehouse and giving a larger bonus than ever before when converting! Whether you are in the market for Sealed Box gold keys on classic or looking to pick up some of the Fall into the Groove Packs be sure to check this out!

  • - 0~999 0%
  • - 1000~ 2499 Kafra points 10%
  • - 2500 ~ 4999 Kafra points 15%
  • - 5000 + Kafra points 20%
Point Explosion: Pointsplosion!
  • 1,000 ~2,499 -> 15% Kafra points
  • 2,500 ~ 6,499 -> 25% Kafra points
  • 6,500 ~ -> 35% Kafra points

Promotion ends: October 1st

In addition, after the maintenance this Thursday, September 27th some of the contents of the sealed box will be changing! Keep an eye on the patch notes for classic for more details. If there's something in the current box that you want to pick up definitely make sure to get it before Thursday before they may be gone!

Enriched hammer is hanging out his shingle and will be helping with upgrading this week, and we are re-introducing the 10x boxes of Enriched Elunium and Oridecon.