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[R&C] Ten Eleven Twelve Weekend Ragnarok Events
All servers:

On all servers we have a double EXP and drops event going on until next Tuesday's maintenance. This stacks with the existing 1.5 bonus on Ymir and the Renewal server bonus to VIP experience so this is a great time to get leveling!


New RWC Accessory and Weapons. These have set bonuses and various powerful special effects! Added with today's maintenance is a NPC that can make enchant and slotting attempts on the RWC accessories.

We will also be having our first pre-RWC Scrimmage tournament this Saturday at 11am. It's a great chance to compete against other groups and test your skill against our RWC team!

As a bonus to membership, VIPs up to level 80 can pick up a free level appropriate Mercenary from the NPC Clearchus on the first floor of the Eden Group HQ.

Classic: Loki

New Secured Kafra Equipment

When starting out on a new server, it can be difficult to survive the wilds without a good set of armor, and hunting for monster drops can be very time consuming! For this situation the Kafra scientists have produced special character bound gears. All of these items are 75 kafra points and can be purchased from the Special Event Vendor in the second floor of the Eden Group!

The items are identical to the slotted version of the items found in the game, come in tradeable boxes. Once opened, these items become bound to that account and cannot be traded.

  • Secured Guard
  • Secured Buckler
  • Secured Shield
  • Secured Chain Mail
  • Secured Formal Suit
  • Secured Shoes
  • Secured Boots
  • Secured Muffler

WoE on Classic continues, from 1pm-3pm Saturdays!