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October Spooktacular Event Calendar

It's no trick and all treat with our host of Halloween time promotions going on now, making it a perfect time to get in the game and get some terrifyingly good deals!

New for this week: -For every 2000 KP spent between 10/17 ~ 10/23 will earn a free Safe to 10 cert for you on Renewal (Classic purchases count), these are perfect to use with Enriched Hammer, who is also active this week.

If you participated in our bonus Safe to +10 certificate promotion last week, you can pick your items up from code the redeemer (in the second floor of the eden group) right now! He can be found next to the stairs on the second floor of the Renewal eden group. When you receive the certs, you must identify them with a magnifier. Thank you for participating!

Also, we are introducing a WarpPortal wide point conversion bonus event. This runs until 8pm October 23rd and adds bonus Kafra Points when converting any amount of WarpPortal Energy

  • 0 ~ 999 0% Bonus -> 2.5% Bonus
  • 1000 ~ 2499 10% Bonus -> 15% Bonus
  • 2500 ~ 4999 15% Bonus -> 20% Bonus
  • 5000+ 20% Bonus -> 25% Bonus

Glast Heim is in the spotlights during this month, which means that we will be adding quests and boosting certain monster drops (including cards) while it's active. A new quest will be coming in next week for those looking for some story based adventures in the Crumbling Metropolis. There are many monster infested dungeons there for thrill-seekers to explore.

Enriched Hammer has returned! This hearty fellow is a specialized event NPC who can upgrade items with the higher Enriched upgrade rate when upgrading from +7 to +9 and instead of breaking on a failed upgrade the item will only degrade. Enriched Oridecon and Elunium

Joining his friend Enriched Hammer on Renewal is Eat Gear. This hungry hungry mimic will consume unwanted upgraded equipment in exchange for safe to +7 certificates. He can be found on the first floor of the Eden Group.

Introduced for a very limited time, we have some extremely powerful accessory and weapons for sale just in time for the Ragnarok World Championship. These items can be enchanted with useful boosts or are stronger when worn together.

Renewal and Classic:

Continuing with the Halloween theme, here's a quest you can really sink your claws into: Will you help the people of Rune Midgard find the source of a daemonic evil emanating from down below? For those brave enough, this challenging quest will take them from the dungeons to a deadly instance. The final part of the quest has players fighting their way through the undead choked streets of Geffen and sending a powerful daemon back to the nightmarish realm from whence he came.


Last years Halloween headgears have been reintroduced to the Kafra shop, and have been adjusted and added to Classic as well! These chilling chapeaus will keep the ghosts away from your valuable craniums!

This is also the last week to obtain sealed box extractors! When equipped, these items will cause sealed boxes to drop while fighting monsters. These boxes can be traded and vended and are unlocked with Golden or Silver keys from the kafra shop.