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[C] Journey to the land of the Sleepers

On Classic: Loki, we have implemented a new event that will allow players to unlock a much requested area through a gigantic server-wide quest!

Currently there is a number of ancient barricades that prevent adventurers from getting to the maps where they can find large quantities of the high exp Sleeper monsters

A mining company at Juno Field 3 has offered to clear the way through these barricades, but there's a catch! They would like some help getting together raw materials for a seemingly innocuous engineering project.

As players donate zeny, wood, metal and coal they will receive experience based on the amount they have contributed to the total effort. Once they have donated enough, the map will open for everyone so there's much incentive to have everyone pitch in to get it opened!

Players earn
1000 base exp/500 base for every material point turned in.
For example: 100 steel=100k exp
10,000 zeny 1 point

Needed materials
Barren/Fine-grained/Solid Trunk, Trunk
Rusty Iron
Solid Iron Piece
Used Iron Plate
Live Coal