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[R] Thanksgiving Groove Pack with Gravy

Originally designed as a high-tech way to deliver a complete Thanksgiving meal in a box to soldiers serving far away from the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, this lucky pack contains some festive goodies for the discerning adventurer.

Always: Safe to 7 chance box x 1 Silvervine Fruit x 2 One of the following at random:

Turkey on Your Head

Having saved her from the roasting pan this Turkey now rests comfortably on your head.

Small chance to cast Inc Agi lv 10 when attacking or Attacked
Increases Heal amount of Eggs
Give a small chance to receive Eggs from any monster killed
+1% Max Hp and Max Sp per refine level
2x Bloody Dead Branch

Great for Mischief, or MVP hunting. In fact consuming this item makes the MVP appear right next to you!

Job Class Card Set
This album contains 1 card from any of the Job Card Sets. LoliRuri Card, Miyabi Ningyo Card, Wicked Nymph Card, Parasite Card, Harpy Card, Blood Butterfly Card, Novus Card, Assulter Card, Permeter Card, Solider Card, Freezer Card, Heater Card, Archdam Card, Wander Man Card, The Paper Card, Wild Rose Card, Shinobi Card, Dancing Dragon Card, Whikebain Card, Stainer Card, Geographer Card, Rideword Card, Live Peach Tree Card, Cookie Card, Fur Seal Card, Waste Stove Card, Raggler Card, Zipper Bear Card, Hylozoist Card, Mystcase Card, Baby Leopard Card, Mole Card, Muka Card, Cruiser Card, Anolian Card, Alligator Card, Merman Card, Dragon Tail Card, Ferus Card,

White wings of a holy Archangel.
Slot : 1
Class : Garment
Defense : 8
Weight : 20
Required Level :
Jobs : All
250x Prize Medal

A medal crafted from a rare and mysterious metal that can only be found in Hugel.

These metals cannot be traded or given to other players.

This item cannot be dropped, traded, mailed or vended.
Weight : 1

2x Battle Manual x3
This well written, detailed manual explains
Extremely efficient battle tactics

EXP rate received increases to 300% for 30 minutes
weight: 1
Trade: Tradable/Storage
or one of the following:
Slotting Coupon