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Holiday Questravaganza!

Beginning on Wednesday the 19th, we will be implementing three Christmas-themed story quests, which will give fun rewards and a little seasonal cheer!

Quest 1: Helping Santa Deliver Christmas on Time

It's almost Christmas but there seems to be a problem. When Santa was preparing his sleigh and about to pack it with gifts he noticed his Gift Bag was missing! Help Santa find the culprit and make a new Gift Bag. Without you Christmas will be cancelled! The Frantic Girl in Lutie is willing to discuss the matter further. She can guide you to Santa and begin your quest to save Christmas.

Quest 2: A Glitch in Time

***Due to it's epicness, this quest will be added in with next available maintenance on the 1st.***

The GM team is seeking assistance from players level 50 and up in hunting down an elusive bug in the game.

Player reports have come in about a mysterious NPC-like person that can be found in various towns. GM investigation into this matter has yielded no results, however, so we are hoping that the players will assist us in finding this bug so it can be fixed.

We have dispatched a special GM to the tavern in southwest Prontera to assist in the hunt. If you find anything, please report to him.

Quest 3: Racoons gone amok!

There have been a rash of thefts in the Christmas village of Lutie! The shopkeepers are pointing blame at the strange group of Raccoons that caused a kerfuffle last year...