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[C&R] Valentines Day Groove Pack Flash Sale!

Available for a very limited amount of time, we have a great bonus offer available until the end of the weekend:

When you purchase 10 of the new Valentines Groove Packs between 12:01am Thursday (Today!) until 11:59pm PST on Monday you will receive a special bonus server specific item next week.

Purchase 10 Classic Lovin Groove Packs from the Special Event Seller in the second floor of the Eden Group.

and receive a Sunglasses slotting coupon (one per account)

This item can be taken to the slotting NPC in Alberta (at the 6 o'clock position)

He will attempt to add a slot to an ordinary pair of sunglasses.

Purchase 10 Lovely Groove Packs from the Kafra Shop.

and receive a Heroic Desocketing Book (one per account)

When you take this item and 1 slotting advertisement to Troy in the second floor of the Eden Group HQ, he can remove all cards from 1 item in your equipped inventory. Though this will destroy the item, it will return the cards to you!

If players have purchased 10 or more Groove packs during the promotion period, they will have the item placed in their Code the Redeemer storage (Renewal) or mail (Classic) during maintenance this coming Tuesday the 26th. One bonus item per account.