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[R&C] Ring in Spring with Hugel's Festival Event!

This March is chock full of fun events! Keep an eye on this page for news on all of our new March St. Patrick's quests and promotions!

Get into the spring of things with our Harvest Festival Event! The city of Hugel is in the midst of their harvest season and nearly ready to celebrate. The lucky leprechaun O’Reiley is in town and things are looking pretty festive.

However, with all of the farmhands out harvesting instead of defending the town, the monsters local to Hugel’s dungeons and fields have been growing much stronger… During the Hugel Harvest Festival event, we have a fun repeatable St. Patrick’s Day story quest for players level 45 and up, a Spotlight boosting the exp and drops of Hugel monsters and new items in the Kafra Shop!

St. Patrick's day quest

The Emerald studded quest at the center of our events is this year's St. Paddy's day quest. As per usual O'Reiley the leprechaun is in need of your help.

Adventurers level 45 and above can seek him out next to the fountain in the center of Hugel! The repeatable reward for completing his quest will be experience and green ales.

Hugel Spotlight Event

During these events, monster exp and drops are plussed, as are the numbers that spawn on maps related to Hugel. This includes monsters on Hugel Fields, Abyss Lake and at Odin's Shrine (MVPs and "minibosses" are excluded).

This event introduces Odin's Shrine levels 1 and 2 to Classic as well. For the list of monsters that have exp and drops increased:

Abyss Lake
  • Ferus (Green)
  • Ferus (Red)
  • Penomena
  • Acidus (Blue)
  • Acidus (Gold)
Odin's Shrine
  • Breeze
  • Plasma (Blue)
  • Plasma (Green)
  • Plasma (Purple)
  • Plasma (Red)
  • Plasma (Yellow)
  • Skogul
  • Frus
  • Skeggiold (Black)
  • Skeggiold (Blue)
Thanatos Tower
  • Mimic
  • Rideword
  • Ancient Mimic
  • Death Word
  • Lady Solace
Hugel Field Maps
  • Novus (Yellow)
  • Novus (Red)
  • Dragon Egg
  • Crab
  • Aster
  • Shellfish