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[R&C] Easter Events!

Easter Quest

This Easter, we have two fun Springtime events waiting to be found on both Classic and Renewal Server!

A hunter named Lina is visiting the Prontera church because she has been cursed by a monster. She explains that the Prontera priests told her that she must create a bond with an adventurer by taking an Oath-taking ceremony in order to lift the curse.

Follow her instructions as she tells you how to lift the curse that she is suffering from. The final task requires the Background (BGM) Option to be turned on in order to be completed; Listen carefully and you can help lift the curse that Lina is suffering from.

For the reward, Lina will reward the helpful with a Easter Egg Shell hat and give you access to her friend, who will take eggs and other supplies to give you a random Easter gift!

April Fools Day Quest

April fools is starting early this year...with some strange developments in the city of Geffen...