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[Classic] New (and returning) Items in the Kafra Shop!
Headgears and a new box of five HE Battle Manuals in the shop starting this week!

Side Cap Box 300kp
Box contains 1 side cap. Cannot be traded when in box form. When opened gives a Side Cap. This cap's design is best appreciated when worn slightly off to the side.
Increases damage inflicted on Demihuman monsters by 3% and reduces damage received by Demihuman monsters by 5%.
Vit +1, Dex +1
Item can be traded and Vended
Class : Headgear
Defense: 6
Location : Upper
Weight : 50
Required Level: 1
Jobs : All

Classic HE Battle Manual Box 300kp

Contains 5 HE Battle Manuals. Four battle Manuals can be traded in to the NPC

Classy Koneko Hat Box 600kp
The box can be traded and vended

[Animated] An magical kitty hat which shows various expressions on its face.

Reduces Cast Delay of all skills by 3%. MAtk +3%, MaxSP +3% MDef +3

Once opened, the item becomes account bound.

Type: Headgear
Defense: 1
Location: Upper
Weight: 50 (Headgear), 1 (Box)