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[R&C] End of April Events!

More going on this week than you can shake a stick at, including double exp and Enriched Hammer's upgrading event!

For one week, we have double exp active so you get more base and job exp when killing monsters.

In for two weeks, we have activated Enriched Hammer and his stalwart companion Eat Gear to help people out with upgrading. These two NPCs can be found in the Eden Group Headquarters.

Enriched Hammer can take enriched ores in order to make a upgrade attempt, even if he is not successful the item won't be destroyed, only reduced in upgrade level.

Eat Gear is a NPC downstairs in the Eden Group that looks like a mimic, what they do is take upgraded items in exchange for safe to +7 certificates which are also important in getting gears upgraded.

We have 50x boxes of Enriched Oridecon and Elunium for sale in the Limited Tab of in the Kafra shop interface. These are a big discount over buying the enriched ores individually.