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[R&C] Rachel Spotlight Returns!

We are celebrating the introduction of Rachel for the first time on our pre-Renewal Classic Loki server, and reintroducing the Rachel Spotlight on Chaos!

The Rachel Spotlight also brings a new storyline quest: The Adventure of the Tarnished Lamp! Help recover a powerful magical artifact and take home some magical trinkets as a reward.

Victoria Qwest's Report:

The history of Rachel is well known to adventurers who have made the trek out to this far away land, but for all of you who haven't traveled there yet there is a ton to see and do there!

Rachel was originally founded by pilgrims who established a shrine for the goddess Freya, and cultivated the desert lands into a beautiful oasis. As the influence of Freya worship spread through the Arunafeltz States, so did the political power of Rachel-which became the nation's capital.

A highly devout people, the citizens of Rachel have made the Rachel Sanctuary the highlight of the city!

Rachel is a great place to visit, and despite the heat the people of Rachel are very friendly to visitors. Adventurers who are curious about the spiritual side of Rachel can make the trek up the steps running through the center of town to Cheshrumnir, where the pope (Rachel's religious leader) lives. Other travelers have told me that it's not always possible to enter, due to a finicky lock system protecting the temple.

Two major destinations nearby is the rumored dungeon beneath Rachel Sanctuary and the Ice Dungeon to the north. These areas are recommended for adventurers over level 100.

To visit Rachel, you will need to catch the Izlude/Juno/Rachel route Airship, the most convenient stop being at the Izlude airport.

About the Spotlight program: One of our big projects for 2012 will be to breathe new life into these towns by hosting a series of events that will spotlight these less visited maps. These events will boost quest exp for during the event, and will reduce these slightly after the event is over (it will still be improved over normal rates). The monsters in town get boosted card drops and increased drop rates of certain useful items. When you complete all the quests you can talk to me (Victoria Qwest) in the spotlight town, for an exp reward!

Rachel Tourist Maps

Click the pictures below to go to that map's wiki page!
Rachel Town, Rachel Sanctuary and Rachel Field

Rachel City

Rachel Sanctuary

Ice Cave and Rachel Holy Ground Dungeon

Ice Dungeon

Rachel Sanctuary

Rachel's Quests

Quests are available in Rachel for visitors seeking work as an adventurer.

Spotlight Quest: Adventure of the Tarnished Lamp

The adventure begins in Prontera (60 342) When you are contacted by a messenger who has you seeking a magical item that was in the possession of your late uncle.

Ice Necklace Quest
A faithful devotee of Freya is waiting for someone to come and help her. Urstia's son is sick and she wants to make an offering to pray him back to health...but needs help making the necklace presentable. Players can find her in Rachel just south of the Sanctuary's steps. The reward is base experience and unlocking the ability to fight Ktullanux.
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROWiki Guide

Lost Child Quest
Manservant Vincent is employed at a mansion just to the west of the Sanctuary stairs in Rachel, and needs the help of an adventurer to recover a lost jewel. Rewards are base experience and an OPB.
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROwiki Guide

Rachel Sanctuary Quest
Rache's sanctuary is an impressive structure, hosting secrets and treasures alike. However, it is often locked, due to a faulty door mechanism.
Adventurers can attempt to unlock it by speaking with Nemma just outside of the Sanctuary doors. Once the quest is completed, players receive exp/jexp and access to the Rachel Sanc Dungeon.
There is a guide to completing the quest here: iROwiki Guide

Rachel Area Monsters

Rock Brannigan's Monster Killguide: Hey there fellow monster hunters! As much as you guys probably wanna listen to Victoria's cultural lecture, here's the info about what you really want to see: the guts of these local monsters! During the spotlight event, the monsters are fed special food, and seem to cough up more equipment when they bite the big one!

Photograph Description

Level: 95
HP: 7,385
Strong against/Weak Against: Water/Earth
Maps: Ice Cave 1

Level 98
HP: 11,910
Strong against/weak against: Water/wind
Maps: Ice Cave 1, 2

Level 105
HP: 12,250
Strong against/Weak Against: Earth/Fire
Maps: Ice Cave 1

Level 106
HP: 14,000
Strong against/weak against: Water/Wind
Maps: Ice cave 1,2,3
Iceicle Level 100
HP: 1,012
Strong against: Water/ Weak against: Wind
Maps: Ice cave 2, 3

Level 103
HP: 13,934
Strong against: Water/ Weak Against: Wind
Maps: Found in Ice Cave 2-3

Ice Titan
Level 110
HP: 20,820
Strong against: Water/ Weak Against: Wind
Maps: Ice Cave 2-3

Level 98
HP: 2,626,000
Special: MVP
Strong against: Water/ Weak Against: Wind

Level 118
HP: 20,313
Strong against: Shadow/ Weak Against: Holy
Maps: Holy Ground 1, 2, 3

Level 120
HP: 19,280
Strong against: Wind/ Weak Against: Poison
Maps: Holy Ground 1, 2, 3

Level 122
HP: 23,182
Strong against: Shadow/ Weak Against: Holy
Maps: Holy Ground 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Level 123
HP: 24,605
Strong against: Ghost/ Weak Against: None
Maps: Holy Ground 1, 2

Level 124
HP: 26,324
Strong against: Ghost/ Weak Against: None
Maps: Holy Ground 1, 2, 5

Level 124
HP: 24,500
Strong against: Wind/ Weak Against: Earth
Maps: Holy Ground 2, 3, 4, 5

Level 126
HP: 31,620
Strong against: Ghost/ Weak Against: None
Maps: Holy Ground 4, 5

Level 128
HP: 40,000
Strong against: Ghost/ Weak Against: None
Maps: Holy Ground 4, 5

Gloom Under Night
Level 139
HP: 3,005,000
Special: MVP
Strong against: Neutral/ Weak Against: Ghost
Maps: Holy Ground 5