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Introducing the Prontera Costume Pack

Introducing the new Prontera Costume Pack!

New and Returning Favorite costumes in this pack!

Are you looking for a cute new headgear? How about the Costume: Cake Hat? Do you have your eye on someone’s heart? Keep your eye on their heart with the Costume: Heart Eye Patch! Each Prontera Costume Pack contains one of the following costumes by Random Chance.

Below are the Costumes you can get on Renewal!

Costume: Cake Hat

Costume: Gold Dragonhelm

Costume: Sakkat

Costume: Dark Blindfold

Costume: Angry Snarl

Costume: Cowboy Hat

Costume: Zorro Mask

Costume: Dagger in Mouth

New* Costume: Heart Eye Patch

*New* Costume: Full Moon
Has a small chance to increase atk by 50 when attacking or casting spells. Does not work inside WoE.

Trade in three of the same costume and get the costume of your choice!

If you have multiple costumes that you don't want, we have introduced the Sheila Boxter located in the second floor of the Eden Group. As of the Eden Group maintenance today (5/23) you can turn three of the same headgear in to her and she will let you choose which headgear you want!

If you turned in the three of the same costumes and received a random box (before the maintenance today) please contact us by sending in a ticket with the day you turned them in and which costume headgear you want.