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[R&C] July Jubilee Groove Pack

This month, we have a new groove pack on both Classic and Renewal that gives a chance at some fun gear and consumables!

Renewal Version

This lucky box always includes a Safe to +7 chance box

Safe to +7 chance box
Contains one armor/weapon or headgear Safe to +7 certificate at random

The pack will give one of the following at random:

Bloody Branch
Breaking this branch summons incredibly powerful monsters.

2x HE Battle Manual
Gives a temporary boost to experience gain.

Naval Officer Hat

A useful navy style hat

A hat only for officers who passed the hard training in the Navy. White Blue and Yellow is the symbol of the sailor's rank.

Gives 10% more damage to Water property monsters
Class: Headgear
Defense: 2
Location: Upper
Weight: 30
Class: All except novice

Stunner Shades


Fashion item with strong identity. Be a fashionista and do not mind what others say.
Increases resistance to Stun and Freeze status by 10%.
Class: Headgear
Defense: 3
Location: Mid
Weight: 40
Required level: 20
Jobs: All except novice

1x Battle Manual X3
This well written, detailed manual explains Extremely Efficient battle methods.
EXP rate increases to 300% for 30 minutes.
Can be traded, stored, and vended
Weight : 1

Archangel Wing[1]
Angelic wings bestowed upon the most pure and beloved of adventurers. Their purity will show up as no other back item can in great flowing wings!
Defense: 18
Location : Garment
Weight: 20
Required Level : 1
All Jobs

Animated Chewing Gum

Hopefully you brought enough of this chewing gum lower headgear for the ENTIRE CLASS...

Double your flavour, increase your drops!
By chance upon being hit gives the user a 75% item drop chance increase for 1 minute.
Warning! This effect will overwrite any existing Gum Effects
Class : Headgear
Defense: 0
Location: Lower
Weight : 1
Required Level : 1
Jobs: All

Classic Groove pack and Crate

This lucky box always includes 1X HE Bubble Gum
Gives one of the following when opened at random:
  • Party Agi Scroll x 10
  • He Battle Manual x 1
  • Job Battle Manual x 1
  • Mystical Power Scroll x 25
  • Party Blessing Scroll x 10
  • Party Assumptio Scroll x 10
  • Mental Potion x 10
  • Animated Chewing Gum

The crate includes 10x Classic July Jubilee Groove Packs and one Sunglass slotting coupon for 1500 kafra points.