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[Classic and Renewal] USRC 2013
Battle for fortune and glory on Renewal and Classic this August!
This year we will be having two United States Ragnarok Championship, with Renewal and Pre-Renewal tournaments at 11am on August 17th and 24th (respectively).

To sweeten the pot and encourage more teams to take part, we will be offering cash prizes and will be having contests that the community can take part in even if they are not part of the fighting.


We have separate registration threads for Renewal Chaos and Classic Loki.

Teams are composed of 7 members, including the team leader. You can only have one of each class.

We have a minimum of 8 teams and a maximum of 24 teams for each tournament, and registration must be posted in the USRC threads before the Wednesday prior to the tournament.


Test server Sakray is set up for practice for players getting ready for the Renewal tournament, and we are working on setting up a special separate practice area on Classic server.

Getting Started on Classic Server's USRC arena[Testing]

Create a Novice character on Classic and speak to the NPC on the right.
Choose your class, and the NPC will level your character! Once you are the correct level, she will warp you to the USRC Arena.
To purchase consumables, please speak with the Tool Trader NPC and purchase a token of the consumable you need. Then speak with the Consumable Refill NPC, who will give you the consumables. Attempting to remove items, equipment or characters from the USRC arena is a suspendable offense. Guilds attempting to abuse the practice arena will be broken. Thank you.