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[Classic and Renewal] Poring King Quest

Furious over the constant destruction of his subjects, the King Poring emerges to menace the citizens of Prontera.

Not one to engage in subtlety, the Poring King will bellow so everyone can hear that he has arrived. Considering South Prontera field the best place to assault the oppressors of the Porings, he will appear there in a random place on that map periodically.

If the defenders of Prontera can defeat him, he will explode, sending poring coins raining down all over the map. After saving enough of the still-viscera covered coins, adventurers can trade them in for random rewards in Prontera.

Vending machines have been set up in Prontera City to redeem these Poring Coins

Classic Random Rewards

50 Coins - King Poring Hat, Yellow / Pink / Green / Blue Poring Hairpin.

Yellow/Pink/Green/Blue Poring Clip
A cute hair pin designed to resemble a different colored poring.
If upgraded to +7,
Yellow: Str +1, Vit +1
Pink: Int +1, Dex +1
Green: Agi +1, Dex +1
Blue: Vit +1, Dex +1
Class : Headgear
Defense : 3
Location : Upper
Weight : 10
Job : All jobs

Classic King Poring Hat
A hat made in honor of the warrior King Poring.
Dex +1, Luk +1.
Additional Luk+1 per refine level above +5.
Class : Headgear
Defense : 2
Location : Upper
Weight : 10
Required Level : 10
Job : All except Novice

Renewal Random Rewards

10 Coins - Old Purple Box, WoE Violet Potion Box, Old Blue Box, Gift Box, Speed Potion, Kafra Pass, Free Kafra Storage Ticket, Free Kafra Warp Ticket.
25 Coins - High Weapon Box, Old Purple Box, Old Card Album, WoE Violet Potion Box, Old Blue Box, Gift Box.
50 Coins - King Poring Hat, Yellow / Pink / Green / Blue Poring Hairpin, Poring Box.

The 4 colored Poring Hairpins can be taken to the BigHairPinRX75 Machine to add enchanted slots to them. The success rate is 45% so many headgears may need to be accumulated to get the desired stat bonus. Each of the 6 basic stats can be enchanted from +1~+5.,/p>

If the King Poring Hat is upgraded to +7 it can be exchanged at the BigHairpinRX75 machine for a Costume version of the same hat but will contain no stats.