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[C&R] Spotlight on: Louyang

Journey to the mysterious land of Louyang!

Louyang was one of the earlier new lands discovered by explorers from the Rune-Midgarts kingdom, teeming with treasure and strange new creatures in equal measure.

Even exiting the ships bringing tourists to Louyang is a dangerous experience, with voracious Mantis creatures coming after the people making the dash to the safety of the town gate. Many a young adventurer made their early wages luring the Mi Gao sand monsters into traps set by equally young mages.

The Wu Lin organization has reported increasing numbers of monsters being reported in the dungeons and field near to Louyang, and are requesting assistance of Rune Midgardians to help cull the threat. Exp, Drops and spawns are increased during the spotlight, lasting from August 7-September 4th.

Snapshots of the city:

Quests to be found in the city of Louyang:

Snapshots of the dungeons
Monsters of Louyang:
Mi Gao
Black Mushroom
Shining Plant
Jing Guai
Zhu Po Long
Mao Guai
Green Maiden
Yao Jun