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[C&R] Spotlight on: Lighthalzen!
Page is under construction, hard-hats are required when on-site.

The modern but secretive Lighthalzen holds a powerful allure for visitors to the Schwartzvald Republic, which is this month's spotlight!

Established by the powerful Rekenber corporation, the City of Lighthalzen grew from a simple mountain village to a prosperous metropolis. This growth is not without its darker side however, as there are many rumors that the Rekenber corporation and the city-state is not what they seem.

There are a number of monsters which are unique to the area of Lighthalzen. The local board of tourism recommends NOT engaging these creatures without prior preparation.

It is said that many of the humanoid enemies are the waste product of some terrible experiments gone wrong but the Rekenber corporation assures tourists to the region that it is simply hallucinations brought on by mountain fog reflecting the sun in underground regions.

Victoria Qwest and the giving of the Quests

On Renewal, you can receive navigation and exp rewards for Lighthalzen based quests! Find Victoria Qwest in the middle of Lighthalzen's park district. If you haven't completed the quest, she can provide navigation to the first NPC to begin the quest.

Spotlight Quest

Arriving on September 18th, we will have more details on this quest soon!

Spotlight Monsters

During the spotlight event, monsters that are local to the fields and dungeons of Lighthalzen have increased exp and select drops. The changes to the monsters are global, so all listed monsters will receive the increase whether or not they are on a Spotlight map.

  • Anopheles
  • Armeyer Dinze
  • Breeze
  • Celia
  • Chen
  • Demon Pungus
  • Eremes Guile
  • Errende Ebecee
  • Flamel
  • Gemini-S58
  • Gertie
  • Howard Alt-Eisen
  • Kathryne Keyron
  • Kavach Icarus
  • Margaretha Sorin
  • Metaling
  • Rafflesia
  • Randel
  • Laurell Weinder
  • Remover
  • Seyren Windsor
  • Cecil Damon
  • Stem Worm
  • Trentini
  • Wickebine Tres
  • Egnigem Cenia